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    DynamicForm: unnecessary querries based on foreignKey

    I have a DS with some foreignKeys defined.
    In the same DS, I have a few extraFields, which I populate using an SQL join, defined in the OperationBinding.

    This way, all the data is already available from one querry.

    * * *

    However, when I bound this DS to a DynamicForm,
    and start to edit a record with this DynamicForm,
    for all the fields with have foreignKeys, a query is generated automatically, and the related record is fetched.

    I have two questions about this:

    1. Is this really necessary? I have all the data prepared with JOIN, so this seems to be redundant. How do I disable this behaviour?

    2. If I wanted to, how could I access the results of such queries? I can see that they are used automatically to resolve the IDs into the title fields of the foreign table, but what else can I do with it?

    Thank you for your help!

    I have found out that I can disable this by calling
    Question: I have _not_ specified the optionDataSource and the displayField.
    Are these automatically derived from the foreignKey?


      Yes, it's automatically derived for foreignKey.

      For a SelectItem or ComboBoxItem, you can use getSelectedRecord() to get the related record.


        Originally posted by Isomorphic
        Yes, it's automatically derived for foreignKey.
        This behavior is specific to DynamicForms, right?
        I have not noticed ListGrids doing the same...


          It will occur in grids for inline editing, but not for normal rows. See listGridField.optionDataSource for how the overall system is intended to work.