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    DataSource inheritence: configuring child affects parent?

    I have created a new DS (new DataSource()), called setInheritFrom() on it to make it inherit from the original one, and then configured the DataSourceFields on the new one.

    However, modifying the field definitions of the new DS seems to influence the original DS, too:

    If I call setHidden(true) on some of the fields I got from getFields() on the descendant DS, the fields are hidden in the ancestor DS, too.

    Is this intended? If yes, then how am I supposed to create a customized version of a DS?

    (ps. Since this seems to be a new issue, I am moving this out to a separate thread from here:

    It's intended that if you want to override properties from the parent DS, you do so by providing new field definitions. However we will look for a way to avoid this surprising side effect (possibly copying fields on access).