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    controlling / detecting print sizes

    I am not sure SmartGWT can do a lot about this, so this might be slightly off-topic, but here are the questions anyway:

    When I want to print something,

    1. what can I do to make it fit to the page? How can I influence the sizes?

    2. When the content is too large for one page, how can I break it up to smaller pieces, so that it can be printed to multiple sheets?

    3. One step weaker than actually incluencing it, how can I detect the estimated size of the printed content?

    What are the best practices about these issues?

    Thank you for your help.

    For 2) there are CSS attributes to allow this namely 'page-break-[before|after|inside]' that will force printers to not chop elements. But even these are not correctly obeyed by all browsers.

    For 1,3) that is a tricky, since the standard doesn't necessarily force printers in certain situations to obey rules, but generally sites will have a print.css and media.css. Having specific sizes generally is for media, percentages are for print, so for example if you had a grid which you set to x pixels it would be 100% in the print css. There are some documented best fonts, sizes, colors, etc... to use for print out there, but no silver bullet for sure (especially IE6).