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    Button styles not working

    Hi there! I can't get the Button (IButton, ButtonItem) to get its style.

    only a text is displayed:

    I'm using SmartGWT 2.2, with default theme (how do I change btw :) )

    <inherits name="com.smartgwt.SmartGwt"/>
    <inherits name="com.smartclient.theme.enterprise.Enterprise" />

    <extend-property name="locale" values="pt"/>

    Instead of a grey with blue hover effect button, I get a plain text with no background.

    All other components I've used so far are ok.

    Start by examining and comparing your project setup with the Hello World sample in the Smart GWT distribution.


      They are pretty much the same. I've used the showcase as base for my project.

      I've also noticed that the menu from the tooltip is also broken. Instead of setting the button background to the png file and repeat it, it breaks in two small pieces of image (its what it seems at leas) at the bottom corners of the button.

      First I thought that could be my browser version, but accessing the ShowCase in the smartgwt page, the buttons work fine for the browser.

      The funny thing is that all other styles are ok.


        Our app style had a button {} definition that was messing up with the buttons layout.

        Sorry for that :)