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    combo box filter

    Hi everyone

    I want to have a combo box filter. that is for a particular column the filter
    must be combobox. the values are comming from backend I am using DMI to fetch the data from server.

    the values in the combo box must be the values in the column.
    how can this be done.
    please help

    See optionDataSource and related properties on ComboBox, and the sample in the Showcase showing usage.


      how this value map can be assigned from backend java.

      my listgrid's column value is text. only the filter needs to be combo.

      and i am using smartclient. in this forum most of the answers are of smartGWT

      where everything is done through java. but i am using smartclient in which everything we are seeing is done by javascript.

      how can the things in smartgwt can be done in smart client.


        is there any feature like if we apply filter as combo then the values in that column will be available in the filter combo without giving value map.
        so that without typing in filter user can select from combo box.

        in other grids like Ext Treegrid this feature is available.


          It sounds like you haven't reviewed either the documentation for optionDataSource or the samples. That's what you should do.