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    create WAR file

    Dear All

    I had created a web application GWT project. i am able to run that by clicking run-as-web application.

    but how to create a war file. i am not able to use the option Export as war file.
    Since it is not a web project the web module is comming as blank.

    I am using Eclipse 3.3 as IDE.

    Please help me how to create a war file.


    You could go into the war folder and zip the contents. Then you rename it from *.zip to *.war. That worked for me. But the better solution would be fixing your project setup.


      From your post it sounds like it's not a SmartGWT issue. Indeed manage your project setup or start using Ant or Maven - very powerful project building tools.


        It is not smafrtgwt issue but :
        It is not hard to add web project facet to gwt project.
        You need to add to .project file in natures section :
        save file and then open projects properties and there will be new 'project facets'
        position. Add Dynamic Web Module and Java facets. If you will do so, the link 'further configuration available' will appear at the bottom of this window. Click it and change default output folder to war/WEB-INF/classes, then click next and change content directory to war. That is all. You can now export to war file through export option in context menu


          Google has acquired Instantations and gave GwtDesigner for free. You can now install plugin in Eclipse and create WebProject and then module with SmartGwt already configured