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    issue with filtering

    Hi, I've come across what I believe is a filtering bug in SmartGWT version 2.2 that I don't see mentioned in the forums.

    To replicate, use the Filter or Live Filter samples in the showcase. The only modification necessary is to include a column in the grid for independence date.

            ListGridField countryCodeField = new ListGridField("countryCode", "Code", 50);
            ListGridField nameField = new ListGridField("countryName", "Country");
            ListGridField capitalField = new ListGridField("capital", "Capital");               
            ListGridField continentField = new ListGridField("continent", "Continent");
            ListGridField independenceField = new ListGridField("independence", "Nationhood");
            countryGrid.setFields(countryCodeField, nameField, capitalField, continentField, independenceField);
    When you use the dropdown to filter on Continent, the grid filters correctly but the value is not retained in the dropdown. Additionally, you can't remove the filter by selecting the blank value in the dropdown list. The developer console contains the following error: "Advanced criteria includes criteria for field:continent with operator equals. Unable to display this type of criteria in the filter editor."

    I tried making independenceField.setCanFilter(false), but that didn't help. If I make independenceField.setHidden(false) then the filtering works fine.

    When independence date is not included in the grid, filtering with the dropdown behaves correctly (as in the showcase samples) and there's no error in the developer console. From what I can tell, if any date or date/time column is included in a ListGrid then columns using dropdowns for filtering stop retaining their values.


    Any update on this? Is this a bug? Or is there a way to make it work so that the filter value is retained in the dropdown? Thanks.


      Smartgwt 2.3 nightly Nov. 6. 2010.
      Gwt 2.1
      Firefox 3.6.12 dev mode

      This issue that filter row become empty when filtering is applied and if one of columns is Date type.
      Is this recognized as bug?