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    Detail fields fetch on DataSource


    I was wondering about usage of setDetail() on DataSourceField.
    Is it possible to integrate this functionality with server side.
    For example there will be a ListGrid showing only main fields and below DynamicForm or DetailViewer with setShowDetailField().
    Is it possible to achieve to initially fetch only main fields and to fetch on demand the rest of data.
    There could be another flag with fetch command that would tell server to provide only basic data or with details.
    I think it would save memory, network bandwidth and could speed up whole application. Or is it pointless?

    Best regards
    Mariusz Goch

    It's a built-in capability of Pro and above, including limiting the field transferred from the database if using SQL or Hibernate DataSources. See the QuickStart Guide.


      Ok. Will it work with other server side implementations other than Java?
      I'm using my own PHP software on the server side and I would like to leave it that way.
      So my exact question would be will it be possible to configure SmartGWT client side to send some kind of flags to server so I could implement different queries?
      What other features on client side are included on pro and higher versions?
      On product comparison there are all client side options checked already to LGPL and as I see it's not completely true. ;)
      Best regards
      Mariusz Goch


        You are incorrect, the product comparison chart is completely true. The server-side implementation, available for Java, uses dsRequest.outputs, which can be set client-side and can be used as a hint for your server, just like the Smart GWT server.


          Sorry, but now I don't understand. You said that this capability is built-in only on Pro and above. So client side implementation of this feature is not included in LGPL or is it?


            Try reading the docs.


              I've run into this same issue, and was wondering where in the documentation I can find this?

              The transmission delay is in passing the detail information between the server and the client. As pH4Lk0n says the only thing needed is a flag to know if the detail needs to be returned when calling executeFetch.

              The DSRequest is available in the methode, but I can not find dsRequest.outputs in the QuickStart guide