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  • ListGrid EditorField criteria fetch problem

    First of all, I apologize for my English.
    I have a similar problem with listgrid, as in the post

    Isomorphic wrote in this post, it's all about the range of dates, and he proposed several solutions. Disabling sorting does not help.
    If I turn on FilterEditor, the application sends a request to the new data without any criteria (rather empty).

    But I do _NOT_ need to re-query the data from server, because they are already loaded manually into Listgrid using criteria.
    How can I disable fetch using FilterEditor, to sort only the already downloaded data?

    This problem occurs only if listgrid has at least one field of type date. if Listgrid not contain fields of type date, then everything works as I need (filtering local data).

    I am use: SmartClient Version: SC_SNAPSHOT-2010-10-01/LGPL Development Only (built 2010-10-01).

    I also use soap as dataprotocol.
    If necessary I'll write the code. It's almost identical in meaning to that in the above post.