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    changing TimeZone-IST to GMT

    I am using smart gwt2.3

    in my application i have a date field created by dateItem. but in the ds.xml it is
    a text value. and i have formatted the date to europianshortdate in client java.

    but the value i am getting in the server when calling the udpate method is like this "Tue Dec 28 15:08:19 IST 2010", i want to format the date to
    28.12.2010. but when i pass this to date object i am getting error. but when i
    convert IST to GMT i am getting the output.

    how to change the timezone to GMT. or how to get the value same as displayed in the date field. initilay it was a textItem. so string is used in the backend. it is hard to change the type to date in the ds.xml right now.

    please help;