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    We had the same problem and I can confirm that in the nightly build (EnterpriseEval/2011-03-02) the issue has been fixed.
    Is there a outlook when the next stable (production ready) version will be released (or an intermediary fix)?

    Thanks in advanced


      I am using build 31-03-2011 of the lgpl version and it does not work; tested on FF4 and IE9.

              ComboBoxItem cb1 = new ComboBoxItem("cb1");
              LinkedHashMap<String, String> map1 = new LinkedHashMap<String, String>();
              map1.put("One", "One");
              map1.put("Two", "Two");
              map1.put("Three", "Three");
              DynamicForm form = new DynamicForm();
              ButtonItem bi = new ButtonItem();
              bi.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler() {
                  public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {
                      event.getItem().setTitle(event.getForm().getField("cb1").getValue() + "");
              form.setFields(cb1, bi);
      The value is changed on the component, but the dropdown list does not highlight the selected value (does not matter if I selected previously with the mouse from the list or just written the value)


        I was running into the same problem with the ComboBox (i.e. when setting setAddUnknownValues=false). When the focus was removed from the ComboBoxItem, the on-complete event would result in clearing the selected value from the ComboBoxItem.

        FINDING: The problem reproduces when the keyField and valueField are the same for the ValueMap (or optionDataSource).

        In all of the examples shown in this thread, they are the same, and thus the problem is occurring. Examples seen here include:
        "Low" : "Low"
        "Med" : "Med"
        "High" : "High"


        "One" : "One"
        "Two" : "Two"

        As I really wanted to maintain the setAddUnknownValues=false functionality, the only way I've been able to solve the problem is by appending all key values with a prefix (i.e. "key_")



          @jersilver Other posters have confirmed this problem is already fixed in nightlies

          @mihai007 you seem to be talking about some other problem - if the problem is that the chosen value is not highlighted, this is intentional for ComboBoxItem because the highlighted value is what will be chosen on autocompletion, and for rapid data entry the top of the list is where the most likely choices are.