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    documentation for implementing custom FormItems?

    I would like to implement some alternative form item classes for some specific types.

    I have done this before, and the hardest part (by far) was figuring out the responsibilites of the form item class, and the proper interaction with the form itself, and the editing process. (Who stores what? Who reacts to what? Who queries which data from where, when? Who send which data where, when?)

    My question is this: where can I find an overview of this? (In the ShowCase, I can not find any example for implementing custom FormItems; is there an example for this?)

    Thank you for your help:


    No, there's no single overview of this, because, with the exception of CanvasItem where there are some special concerns, there doesn't seem to be much to explain. So if you're having trouble, ask very specific questions with a concrete use case behind it, and ideally sample code for whatever you've tried.


      Some notes that may be helpful can be found here.