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    Best way to override standard locale translations of SmartGWT

    What is the best way to override specific localization Strings, which are stored in the property files?

    If you're adding new messages for untranslated strings or improving upon the existing messages in a general purpose way, contribute the translations here and they will be included in future nightlies/released.

    If you are trying to maintain private changes for some reason, just edit the files and be sure not to overwrite them (or merge as needed) on upgrade.


      Can you please point out, where to find those files?
      I can only find the generated Java classes in target folder,
      but not the corresponding .properties or .xml files.



        They get bundled into smartgwt.jar. You can also see them online here.


          Your other option to make customized translations is the following :

          ModifiedSmartgwtMessages customizedMessages = GWT.create(ModifiedSmartgwtMessages.class);
          where is

          import com.smartgwt.client.i18n.SmartGwtMessages;
          public interface ModifiedSmartgwtMessages extends SmartGwtMessages {
          	String listGrid_sortFieldAscendingText();
          and is

          listGrid_sortFieldAscendingText=Customized text


            version: SmartGWT 3.0

            The following methods cannot override. Other methods can override.

            String multiSortDialog_levelDownPrompt();

            String multiSortDialog_levelUpPrompt();

            It was not able to do, even if it used directly under "onModuleLoad()" and "initialization Brock".

            Please let me know what is required in order to override.


              For any given property you're trying to set you can see the code that the built-in language packs use to set them, in this file.


                Thank you for showing a properties file.

                What is the SmartGWT version of shown Properties?
                I can think that a SmartGWT term exists and has not made a mistake in a definition.
                However, it is unrealizable.



                Is this Bug of SmartGWT?


                  Sorry, don't understand the question. If you think there's a bug here, you could show a test case.


                    Hi. I just wanted to share how we resolved the issue of overriding translation strings. We didn't want to get into the problem of riding the SmartGWT bleeding edge release, so some means of back-patching the fixes was needed.

                    === Option 1: Reconstruct JAR ===

                    The first option, which I do not actually dislike, is to simply re-package the smartgwt jar with modified files--being sure to apply a new Maven group/artifact ID to indicate that it's non-standard.

                    The upside of this is that anyone rolling the SmartGWT version in your projects is going to immediately notice the strange group/artifact ID and be forced to carefully fixes to the new release.

                    The downside is that this isn't necessarily intuitive to manage in a source code repository.

                    === Option 2: Inject new Implementation at Runtime ===

                    (I retracted my previous comments. did a better job of explaining this above. I documented my solution before actually reading this thread.) :)
                    Last edited by TheUserRyan; 14 Dec 2011, 15:11.