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  • quartz and scheduling


    im in the process of processing a quartz module over to my backoffice to be able to start, stop, schedule jobs, run manually etc.

    That made me remember that there's lots of quartz references in the sc dir. There's a ISC_scheduler aswell as a couple of quartz ds files.

    I have looked around in forums and documentation but haven't been able to find one single reference or explanation of these files... Am i missing something?

    Would be interesting to hear if there is indeed some built-in stuff that i could leverage.

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    Can nobody help out with some input here?

    Another reason for me poking around is that it feels a bit strange to have some quartz files lurking in my deploy that i don't know what they do :)

    If i have missed something in your documentation (i have looked around!) i apologize in advance...


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      I would be interested to hear about it as well...
      Isomorphic any comment ?


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        It's an undocumented subsystem for setting up, executing and monitoring Quartz tasks, including pieces like a new tab in the Developer Console that admins can use to see tasks in a live deployment.

        It does nothing by default.

        If you'd like to see functionality like this become part of the core product, it would be eligible for Feature Sponsorship.