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    VisualBuilder: loosing widgets on skin switch?

    I see something weird.

    I am working with the latest nightly of SmartGWT EE Eval version, from 2011-10-24.

    I created a small test screen in Visual Builder, to check out a few screens.

    Please do the following:

    - Open VisualBuilder
    - Set the skin to SilverWave
    - Load the attached test_magic.xml
    - Observe that the tabset has some buttons
    - Switch the skin to Simplicity
    - Observe that the buttons and the HLayouts have disappeared from the tabs
    - If I save the view now, the buttons are clearly missing. (Attached test_disappeared.xml)

    The interesting thing is that this does not happen with every skin-to-skin switch, only with some of them. (For example, Silverwave -> TreeFrog is OK, but both SilverWave -> Simplicity and TreeFrog -> Simplicity loose content.)

    Is this a bug?

    Thank you for explaining:

    Attached Files

    Thanks for the clear test case on this one. We have made a change to resolve the problem in the 3.0 branch. This change will show up in nightly builds going forward.


      From your answer, I get the impression that the fix is not going to be backported the the 2.5 branch. Is that correct?

      What is the current status of the 2.5 branch?

      Thank you for explaining:



        The 2.5 branch is the 'bugfix only' release branch - it differs from the 2.5 release only in that it contains bug fixes, and an attempt has been made to minimize code changes.

        The 3.0 branch includes the fixes present in 2.5 as well as new feature work and potentially other, more fundamental changes to the code.

        It sounds like you're working in the 2.5 branch.
        This fix is low risk enough that it makes sense top apply to 2.5 as well, so we'll be making that change. Should show up in the next nightly build.

        Please be sure to let us know which branch you're working with when you post issues like this so we can be sure that fixes get applied where you see them.

        Isomorphic Software


          Thank you for the fix.

          Btw, I am simultaneously working on two SmartGWT project:

          - One is developed by our own company: we have a 2.x Power license, so we are using 2.5 Power.

          - The other is developed by a big company, and I am involved as a consultant. There was no business decision to officially launch this project yet, so it's still in the technology evaluation phase. For this project, I am using the 2.5 EE-Eval nightly builds, but since there is no license involved (yet), I might as well switch to the 3.0 branch later.

          Is the 3.0 branch considered stable, and ready for serious use?
          Is there a current summary of what are the new features / changes, compared to the 2.5 branch?

          Thank you for explaining:



            We are planning a first stable, supported 3.0 release fairly soon.
            As such the branch is quite stable right now - but would not be supported for a production deployment until we have a public, officially supported release out.

            We don't have a list of changes from 2.5 to show you at this time - we'll include release-notes along with the official 3.0 release.

            Isomorphic Software

            PS: Thanks for the info on your version. If you can also mention which branch your working with along with other details (build date, browser version, etc) when posting new reports this will help our support and development team.

            EDIT: Just a note to let you know the fix made it into the 2.5 branch today so actually will be present in builds dated Oct 29 or greater. Let us know if you don't see it.
            Last edited by Isomorphic; 28 Oct 2011, 12:36.