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    Advice: form items all over the place

    I need to build a form that has controls all over the place.
    On a single line I need to have edit boxes, check boxes, select items, empty space.
    Horizontal or vertical forms are not an option because this form needs to match some A4 paper based form where data entry was optimized for space, and consequently elements are scattered everywhere.
    Additionally, on a single "form", I need to place ~50 elements.

    How can I do this?
    1. Wrap each FormItem I need within a DynamicForm, so I have a TextItemDynamicForm and StaticTextItemDynamicForm and so on, and then I that I can place ~50 of them anywhere within a single layout
    2. Use GWT directly? (But give up form validation/formatting/error reporting/...)
    3. Use something else?

    Multiple forms combined via a ValuesManager. For performance, best not to create on form per item - combine items that are in a line into one form, and consider also TableLayout.ABSOLUTE.