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    Charts and time series


    the current charting implementations are not really useful for time series. Primarily, something to align datapoints on a time axis/facet is missing.
    Is there a plan to extend them similar to e.g. this one:


    Hi, I need time series charts, with x-panning, x- and y-zooming and on-demand partial load from a data source in (t, channel1, channel2, channel3, ....) record format. Zooming and panning should be fast and responsive like Google maps, if possible.

    Anybody else? I have some initial results which look promising (see att.), basically:
    - converting into (t, channel-name, channel-value) via SQL view and lots of "UNION ALL" statements
    - formatting the time to a string in SQL already
    - setting up the chart in the ds.fetchData callback
    - creating my own FacetValues[] for the X-Facet where most titles are " "

    Now I need the zooming and panning, if possible even with multi-touch gesture support on W7 laptop touchpad or iPad. Anybody too, any ideas, other results? Or should I roll my own, based on the Drawing package? Thanks Rainer
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      You can "pan" (aka scroll) a FacetChart by placing it inside of a container than has overflow:"auto" and setting the FacetChart to be larger than the container, so that scrollbars appear. The same thing works with overflow:"hidden" if you prefer to provide a separate interface for panning (eg Sliders).

      There are APIs for controlling zoom on FacetChart's superclass DrawPane.


        The original question was asked in Jan 2012 but now I have the same question. And I wonder if the support of Time Series Chart has been enhanced.

        From what I understand from the API of FacetChart, it is possible to set date (and datetime) values on the x-axis. There is also a labelCollapseMode of "time".

        However, there is no example of such a chart in the Enterprise Showcase here:

        Can you add an example to the Showcase? Thanks a lot!


          The examples are already there - look under Zoom Charts.