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    Improvment suggestion: Different SQL-generation for non-required includeFrom-fields

    Hi Isomorphic,

    the SQL generation features of SmartGWT are already pretty awesome.
    I have an improvement suggestion for the generated joins when using includeFrom:
    a) use INNER JOIN instead of comma-CROSS JOIN with WHERE. From the performance perspective this doesn't matter as any RDBMS optimizes this but it leads to more readable SQL.
    b) After a) it should be easy to change INNER JOIN to LEFT OUTER JOIN when the includeFrom field does not have required="true" set. This should provide a benefit to many users as you can then use the pretty awesome declarative includeFrom in more places.

    Btw: Is this the place for posts like this or should one use the SmartClient Wishlist Forum

    Best regards,

    Didn't try it yet, but from the docs it seems that OUTER JOIN generation is now supported:

    Best regards,