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    Unneeded horizontal scrollbar displayed for a short time when displaying v-scrollbar

    Hi Isomorphic,

    please see this perhaps unwanted behavior:
    • Open (v10.1p_2015-12-18)
    • In the sample search, check boxes until a vertical scrollbar appears.
    • Notice that for approx 1 second, also a horizontal scrollbar is displayed, most likely in order to handle content-width + vertical scrollbar-width.
    • Once the content width is reduced by the a vertical scrollbar size, the horizontal scrollbar disappears.
    I'd think that the display would be "smoother" if the intermediate horizontal scrollbar wasn't displayed.

    I just noticed this, this has absolutely no priority for me.

    Best regards

    Good point. This is something that VLayout avoids by anticipating that a vertical scrollbar will be required, and avoiding using the space where it will appear. We'll apply the same technique to TileLayout (at some point) to address this cosmetic flaw.