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    After migration of the smart gwt application showing loading only .

    Hi Admin ,

    I was using a different smart GWT version after that we migrated the smart GWT to 5.x , but after that for some of the users in chrome and internet explorer the application was showing loading only and nothing was coming . But after clearing the cache and the history the page was loading .What can be the cause for this ?

    You must always clear the cache when upgrading smartGWT. If you don't want the users to have to do this, you may change the path with each new version you deliver (for example yourPathVersion1, yourPathVersion2, etc). In this case, the cache must not be deleted by the users.


      Hi dsrivastav,

      I also suggest looking at this thread in order to configure your caching in an effective manner and to reduce 1st-load times for new users.

      Best regards