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    Error messages are not showing up after list grid refresh


    My application there is a scenario to perform editing when the grid is grouped.I was able to get the updated values when the grid is grouped but the invalid value is entered means it throws the validation message and after that grid is refreshed means the error messages is went off and further un group the field was able to get the validation error messages over there.

    Is there any property need to apply the error messages when grouping is initiated ?

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      Adding attachment for reference


        Hi antonychristopher,

        Can you clarify what the actual sequence of events you're performing here is. It sounds like you're saying:
        - You have a ListGrid populated with data
        - The user groups it via header menu option (or similar)
        - The user performs an edit on a field which isn't the group-by field
        - Validation fails, causing validation errors to display
        - User ungroups the grid using header menu
        - User re-groups the grid, using header menu
        *at this point the validation errors are lost.

        We're not seeing this problem in our local testing, so either we're misunderstanding your use case or there's some additional problem in your code.
        The best way to proceed might be a very simple test case we can try on our end (just ListGrid definition with inline local data and appropriate validators applied to a field), and explicit steps for us to try to reproduce the issue.

        Isomorphic Software



          Thanks for your reply. The validation error vanishes not only by refresh the grid but if any event occurs by either collapse/check /record click the error message getting disappeared.


            I think we're going to need to see this in action. Can you put together a small test case demonstrating the problem that we can run on our end so we actually observe what you're encountering?

            Also, you haven't mentioned which build you're seeing this on. And, of course, if you haven't already, make sure you test with the latest nightly build for whichever branch the problem is occurring in so we can be sure we're not chasing something that's already been resolved.

            Isomorphic Software