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    Do not clear the form after save


    we have a form (inside of ValuesManager) for saving a customer and we have a business requirement to support "save & copy" functionality, which basically means that form should not be cleared after the save operation. Our problem is following: when we try to save a customer, all the data which are missing in the response of the save operation are cleared out of the form. Can we somehow switch off this behavior ?

    Using SmartClient Version: v10.0p_2016-08-24/PowerEdition Deployment (built 2016-08-24)

    Forms are designed to take the response from the server and display it, in order to allow for server-generated fields or other server modifications of saved data.

    The best fix here is to adjust your server to return full data, as otherwise, any DBCs that have this record cached will also end up with a copy that is missing fields (just like the form). You could also do this in dataSource.transformResponse(), client-side, if you are unable to fix the server response per se.