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    How apply different criteria for grid filter and server fetch?


    Hi, I might be old, but I couldn't find an answer to this.

    Basically, I want to be able to define a criteria for filtering, say "name equals banana", but send another criteria to be used server-side, for example "date before 2016". I can't get this to work. Code:

    Criterion gridFilter = new Criterion("name", OperatorId.EQUALS, "Banana");
    Criterion serverFilter = new Criterion("enabled", OperatorId.EQUALS, true);
    grid.fetchData(serverFilter, null, getDSRequestReqProps());
    If I only apply the "gridFilter", the grid is updated and filtered, but as soon as I do fetch data, my grid criteria seems to be removed.

    Any pointers? Can this be done?

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    If what you mean is that the criteria used by the server should *in addition to* criteria applied by the client, you can do this in several ways. Two examples are:

    1. adding criteria in a DMI on the server
    2. modifying the criteria in dataSource.transformRequest()


      Not quite. I would like the 'serverFilter' criteria to be passed on to the server, which I mange to do by calling grid.fetchData() with my criteria. I can then use that criteria server side with dsrequest.getcriteria, and I do that to get data to return to the client grid.

      I then get data back to the client grid. I want the filtering in the grid to be done based on *another* criteria (the 'gridFilter') above. Basically, I want to use one criteria to send to the server, and different criteria to use to filter the data in the client list grid.


        Yes, that is the question we answered. Please take another read.