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    Application not loading on latest Firefox 50 version

    I am using SmartGWT 6.0 for my application. Currently my firefox and chrome got updated to latest version (firefox 50,chrome 55). Its working fine in chrome but in firefox my application is not at all loading its throwing ISC_Core,ISC_* related error.I want to solve this issue.Image is attached here
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    This looks like you probably just need to clear browser cache, or, possibly some of the ISC_*.js files are not loading in Firefox for some reason - look at the Firefox Developer Tools, "network" section, to check for that possible problem.


      Thanks for your prompt reply..I cleared all the cache but still the issue exists in ISC_Core.js file.

      I found the Error is throwing in ISC_Core.js:1130:137

      Even i launch the ( smartgwt showcase in firefox 50 version, its giving the error on the same line( ISC_Core.js:1136:137)

      Attached here are the screen shots(compare both screen shot which throwing error on the same line).

      Due to this error my application is not loading.
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        Your logs from the Showcase do not show errors. They just show ordinary log messages. The line number you're focused on is just the line number where the framework calls console.log() so that log messages appear in the Firefox console.

        You also never mentioned your exact version. Please remember to always post this, and make sure you are testing with the latest patched build (see In fact your issue looks possibly similar to an issue fixed a while ago, so that's a very good reason to try out the latest patched build.

        Even if a new build doesn't solve your problem, this problem is still unique to your application / IDE setup, so you would need to let us know if you have a way that someone else could reproduce the issue.


          I am using Version v11.0p_2016-07-23/LGPL Deployment - 2016-07-23

          Can you please tell me is this the same issue reported in the above version as you pointed out above.

          Note: I have the same application(before upgradation to smartgwt 6 which is using smartgwt 3) which is on production is working fine in firefox 50 version.


            Hi sameen,

            you really should always provide the exact version number in the 1st post.
            The showcase is using the latest nightly, you are not. Please see these related threads. Most likely your error is healed by just updating the framework.

            Best regards


              Thanks blama..with your suggestion i am able to solve the above issue..