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    Adaptive width for tabs?


    your showcase example with an adaptive witdh button is neat. I only found the functionality for button though. I would mostly find it useful for tabs.

    Tabs and buttons are rather similar, any plans of enabling it for tabs as well?

    When there is too little space for all tabs, the tabs that fit are displayed, and the remaining tabs are available via a menu. What more were you looking for here - shortened titles or something?


      Yes, exactly! I was hoping that, just as in the button example, the title text would disappear and only show the icon.

      Speaking about that - is there any way to have tab icons be different depending on whether the tab is selected or not?
      We are thinking about having icons for all our tabs, but we'd like different colors on the icons depending on whether the tab is selected, since we want to use the icon as marker for tab selection.

      Edit: I did get it to work by adding selected/deselected handlers and manually changing the icons for each tab but it seems like quite a lot of code... :)
      Last edited by mathias; 17 Jan 2017, 11:03.