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  • Caching of Static files in SmartGWT web application

    Hi Isomorphics,
    We have application developed using SmartGWT 3.0 used by many clients but want to improve the performance of the application
    * What we found was when the user hit the application first time its takes approximately 50 seconds which is ok for first time
    * but when user hit the application(reload) again after 30 minutes its takes almost the same time as first. why not to take it from browser cache instead.
    * Its because of the smartgwt static files like(ISC_Core.js,ISC_*.js,....) are not getting cached.
    * Is it possible to cached all the SmartGWT & other static files(js,html,css)?
    * and also is it possible to cached on the local browser for a minimum of 30 days (maybe longer)?

    I know Isomorphics is no more giving a support to smartGWT 3.0 but still i need a fix for those issue.Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, those files should be cached, and in the default configuration of SmartGWT, they would be cached because they are delivered via the FileDownload servlet.

    You must have modified something from the default setup, so compare your web.xml and to the originals.

    You may also be delivering those files via a web server instead (Apache, for example) in which case you can configure caching in the webserver (see the docs for your webserver for details).


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      Hi sameen

      please also see this thread on caching / preload on login-screen and Apache httpd caching config.

      Best regards


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        Thanks Blama for your reply..
        I have one more query
        Can we cache the alphanumeric.cache.html files in smartgwt application? it will not create any issue if this file is cached alphanumeric.cache.html?


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          Hi sameen,

          yes, no problem. They are regenerated with new names for each compile.
          Just don't cache the small projectname.nocache.js, which links to those generated files.

          Best regards