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    ListGrid Float Value getting lost on edit

    SmartClient Version: v11.0p_2017-02-11/PowerEdition Deployment (built 2017-02-11)

    I am using a datasource to draw a list grid. The field type in ds is set to "float". I have edit by row enabled. When i start editing the row the fields having float values become empty and also i am unable to enter anything in cell.

    Hi swatiagarwal,

    it works for me in this sample (v11.0p_2017-03-01).

    Isomorphic: I'm not using float values in my project (yet), but I wonder if it is possible to have some more strict parsing.
    For example, entering "1,4" as price when "." is the correct decimal separator leads to the value "14". I'd like a validation error better here.

    Also this is quite mysterious:
    • Enter cost "4e4" works (--> 40000)
    • Enter cost "0x1111" works (--> 0)
    • Enter cost "0xaa" works (strange price value shown while editing; --> 0 after leaving the cell)
    • Enter other chars in cost -> validation error
    I think that strict parsing is always wanted here or should be at least configurable (perhaps it already is, but I did not find anything in the docs for this in FloatItem).

    Best regards