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    ListGrid.exportClientData() with grouping rows and group/grid summary rows possible?

    Hi Isomorphic,

    is it possible in 5.1p (or 6.0p?) to have a ListGrid exported as it is displayed with exportClientData(), that means including possible grouping rows and group/grid summary rows?
    Or will always the raw data be exported? The Javadocs don't touch this area.

    Thank you & Best regards

    exportClientData() currently ignores grouping, if any, as there's no clear approach for what to do with group header rows in CSV, for example. If you decide it's good enough to just have the export include an extra data row and stick the group title information into the first column, you could put together such a dataset from the groupTree and export it with DataSource.exportClientData().

    Alternatively, it may be possible to closely replicate the column-spanning look of group headers in an Excel/OOXML export. That would be a valid Feature Sponsorship, or you could probably achieve it by altering the default export via the server-side API dsRequest.getExportObject().