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  • .cache.html files downloading twice

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Name:	cache.png
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ID:	243501 Hi,
    I am using SmartGWT 3.0 with GWT 2.6 for my application and deploying in our envirnoment which is accessible through VPN.
    I am getting one weird issue
    * Whenever i am hitting the host page its downloading the *.cache.html files twice (size is 821 KB,Image is attached here) which will take time to load the application
    * But the same if i deployed on my local server its downloading only one *.cache.html which is correct
    * Don't no what causing this issue , any idea or suggestion how to solve this issue?

    Note: I have added 2 servlet filter in our web.xml on hitting the hostpage(/application.html) which will get called but inside the filter there is some logic which will not be execute in my above case(have some condition which will read from my server system property,currently its only doing dofilter)
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    Hi sameen,

    is the download started from the same source row in your not completely displayed browser F12 tools column "Initiator"?
    If not, you have your answer. Either way, you should compile the code with the GWT compiler's pretty setting to see what's going on.

    Further questions:
    • Are you using the same browser in both tests?
    • Is the Application.nocache.js only loaded once in your main HTML page?
    Best regards