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    "dsRequest is not defined" for 6.1d showcase

    Try to edit a row on and you' will get the following error:

    11:01:21.008:TMR4:WARN:Log:ReferenceError: dsRequest is not defined
    Stack from error.stack:
    a.eval(<no args: exited>) on [DataSource ID:supplyItemLocalDS] @ [no file]:4:32
    a.c(<no args: exited>) on [ResultSet ID:isc_ResultSet_0 (dataSource: supplyItemLocalDS, created by: isc_ListGrid_0)] @ ISC_Core.js:1:77106
    a.a(<no args: exited>) on [DataSource ID:supplyItemLocalDS] @ ISC_Core.js:1:76486
    DataSource.updateCaches(<no args: exited>) on [DataSource ID:supplyItemLocalDS] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:70781
    [c]DataSource.handleUpdate(<no args: exited>) on [Class DataSource] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:45925
    DataSource.fireResponseCallbacks(<no args: exited>) on [DataSource ID:supplyItemLocalDS] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:111895
    DataSource._completeResponseProcessing(<no args: exited>) on [DataSource ID:supplyItemLocalDS] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:111253
    a.b(<no args: exited>) on [DataSource ID:supplyItemLocalDS] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:80245
    DataSource._handleClientOnlyReply(<no args: exited>) on [DataSource ID:supplyItemLocalDS] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:80441
    [c]Class.fireCallback(n=>Obj, m=>"rpcResponse,data,rpcRequest", l=>Array[3], k=>[RPCManager ID:builtinApplication], j=>undef) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_Core.js:1:69785
    Class.fireCallback(d=>Obj, c=>"rpcResponse,data,rpcRequest", b=>Array[3], a=>undef) on [RPCManager ID:builtinApplication] @ ISC_Core.js:1:86238
    RPCManager.fireReplyCallback(f=>Obj, e=>Obj, d=>Obj, c=>Obj) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:292147
    a.fireReplyCallback(f=>Obj, e=>Obj, h=>Obj, g=>Obj) on [Class RPCManager] @ C2A6F55629498C69B80153FC2274F104.cache.html:1:539859
    [c]RPCManager.fireReplyCallbacks(h=>Obj, g=>Obj) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:292943
    [c]RPCManager.performOperationReply(e=>Obj, d=>Obj) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:291940
    RPCManager._performTransactionReply(_1=>1) on [Class RPCManager] @ ISC_DataBinding.js:1:290557
    [c]Class.fireCallback(<no args: recursion>) on [Class Timer] @ ISC_Core.js:1:69785
    Timer._fireTimeout(d=>"$ir140", c=>210, b=>undef) on [Class Timer] @ ISC_Core.js:1:423851
    <anonymous>() @ ISC_Core.js:1:423064

    Hi Isomorphic,

    I can reproduce in current Chromium 57 / FF26, Online sample running SNAPSHOT_v11.1d_2016-03-15. Error is visible in the Developer Console.

    Best regards


      This should be fixed now. It was only an issue for the online Showcase, not the downloadable zips.