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  • Buttons behavior issues with AutoFit(true), Non spacious size mode in Tahoe

    To better explain what I am trying to say, take at the following sample from the showcase: #buttons_category_autofit. Run this sample using the latest build of 6.1d, and set the UI controls size to anything but Spacious. Now click on any of the top two buttons and keep the mouse pressed. You'll notice that they shrink in height for as long as the mouse is pressed. Why does this happen in Tahoe? Will this be eventually fixed? Is there a way to work around this behavior? It's actually quite annoying because if you happen to click on the edge of the button, the button action does not get triggered.
    Also why is a menu button shorter in height than a button?
    So it would be really great if we could get some clarification on what's expected behavior and what's not with respect to Tahoe as far as buttons are concerned.

    Thanks for the feedback,
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    Hello, please see


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      Hi Claudio,

      For the issue referenced in your second link, I am not sure it's been fixed as you say. Unless I'm missing something, what I see now is that the visual behavior has been reversed. Before the menu button was taller then the button, now it's the other way around. That's not exactly fixed in my opinion. They need to have the same rendered height.


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        Hi mazzi, note that, due to the bug of the first post, you may see the button taller than normal.


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          The first reported issue - auto-fit buttons rendering too tall with the more compact resolutions, and changing size on some user interactions should now be resolved. Please try the next nightly build, dated May 20 or above.
          We believe this means both issues are now addressed, but if you continue to have problems with the May 20 build, please let us know

          Isomorphic Software