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  • Slow Startup in specific GUI Component with TreeGrid


    i have a gui module which takes a lot of time to load. I append a Screenshot which measured the times. I wonder about the getOpenList Part, because the TreeGrid is emtpy at startup.
    Any hints how to read this Measurement and why so much time gone for the startup?

    Thanks a lot.
    Best regards. Click image for larger version

Name:	OpenListTime.png
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    And i see a lot of "Cycle-Collections" which trigger a Garbage Collection. Reason: MallocBytesTrigger


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      Sorry, performance information is almost totally useless in the absence of the code that was measured. Your application code could be doing dozens of different things that might cause duplicated work for the tree.

      If you'd like us to look at a case that seems too slow, we need minimal, ready-to-run code for it.


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        thanks for your reply. Chrome gave me a better overview with the performance tool, so i found the slow part. It was one of our Components. (We used a few instances of a component for the same parent Component. Now i use only one).. In Firefox this was not detailed enough.

        Best regards.