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  • Duplicate key warning when adding record to client datasource bound grid

    I am using a datasource bound form/grid to add a record to a grid. The datasource is client only. The key is auto generated (derived) It is working but I am getting a duplicate key warning.
    This same warning can be replicated using the showcase example: (see second message).

    12:41:58.968:TMR1:WARN:DataSource:supplyItemLocalDS:clientOnly dataSource found a missing value for primaryKey field 'itemID' during an add request. Derived value 5 from sequence processing
    12:41:58.974:TMR1:WARN:DataSource:supplyItemLocalDS:clientOnly add operation: Duplicate key: {nextShipment: Date(07/04/2017),
    category: "Rollfix Glue",

    The browser is Chrome for windows Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Is this warning normal behavior or should the add be performed differently?



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    You're doing things correctly - we've made a couple of framework changes to deal with it and you can retest in builds dated July 7 and later.

    Note that the first warning you see is because your auto-derived field is not actually specified as type:"sequence" - the warning wouldn't be output otherwise.
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