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  • Use js.gz Files under /sc/modules

    Hi guys,
    in my Application under /sc/modules i found every Smartgwt Javascript also in an gzippt Version (ISC_Core.js.gz for example with 307KB and the uncompressed Variant with 1190KB).
    In Firebug i see that the uncompressed Filesize is transferred.
    Is it possible to use the compressed Variants so that smaller transfers a neccessary? If yes, what do i have to do for it?

    gwt Version: 2.8
    smartgwt Version: 6.1p

    Thanks a lot, best regards
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    In SmartGWT Pro and above, gz forms are used automatically if you just follow the installation instructions. This is actually accomplished in the FileDownload servlet, so if it's not working, you may have disabled this servlet or it's mapping may be incorrect - it should be mapped so that it handles download of ISC_*.js.


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      thanks for your reply. We dont use the Java Backend, so i think its up to our Proxy to transfer these ISC_*.js Files in gzippt Mode.
      Best regards.