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    BatchUploader required=true Boolean field problem with missing values

    Hi Isomorphic,

    please see this sample (I tested with v10.1p_2017-07-04, FF26 Dev Mode, but happens in deployed in 6.1p as well) and change the following:
    • supplyItem.ds.xml: Make field inStock required="true"
    • supplyItemTestNoInStock.csv: Remove data for inStock, so it looks like this:
    "2009-01-21","Audio","Small grey widget",,0.41,"","545315","Ea"
    "2009-01-21","Audio","Large grey widget",,0.41,"","45300","EACH"
    "2008-11-17","Pencils","Small blue gizmo",,-0.47,"","90600","Ea"
    "","Waste Bins","Large green gizmo",,0.61,"","135900","Packet"
    "","String","Small red widget",,0.58,"","190000","Ea"
    "2014-11-17","String","Small piece of string",,0.22,"","90600","Ea"
    "2012-03-11","String","More string",,0.58,"","1900111","Roll"
    Now if you upload the file, you'll have missing data in all rows (normal errors like in the showcase plus missing inStock field)
    If you fix the error by setting the value in via *normal boolean field editing* (=NO double click to enter row edit mode), the validation errors stay.
    See row 1 here where the validation error should be gone as it is in row 2.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	BatchUpload-booleanFields-edit-ValidationErrors.PNG
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    Best regards

    This is fixed and will be available for download in nightly builds since July 20 (tomorrow). Thanks for the report.