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    equal widths for Splitpane left-right components

    I would like to have a listgrid as navigationpane to the left, and a dynamicform as a detailpane to the right.

    This works, but the navpane width is too small. I would like them to be 50-50 width, but i can't see how to do it. I've tried setting lots of component widths to "50%" (both my components and the panes), ive tried setting the adaptive priority to the same for all components, but nothing works.

    Ive checked at other threads here, but they all seem to end with either hard-coding the width with setNavigationPaneWidth(), or not using SplitPane at all.

    Would be great with some input here, i would love to use it for the responsive features.

    Set the widths of the panes via the AutoChild system as usual.