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    Right click-filter menu in ListGrid looks different for the 2nd call and needs to be called differently

    Hi Isomorphic,

    please see this sample (v11.1p_2017-08-14) and the design of the menu for the 1st and the subsequent calls:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ListGrid filtering.png
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    Issues here:
    • "Filter using" not always displayed
    • Right click does not work when showing filter-mode logo (clicking the logo and right click should both open the menu)
    • "Contains" in the 2nd picture not in the correct position
    For the last one it is difficult to decide if it should be in the menu twice. I have no real preference here, as long as the menu always looks the same.
    Probably I'd say go with the "Contains" entry (more correct: the default entry) twice.

    I do like that the filter icon is not displayed when in default mode.

    Best regards

    The first two points were by design - however, we've reconsidered the design and decided to make both changes - you can test the changes in builds dated August 23 and later.

    The third point was due to recent versions (that support operatorIcons) having a regression, compared to earlier versions, caused by code to limit the entries in the operator menu.

    Please retest that aspect also in a build dated August 23 or later - you should find it working as expected.


      Hi Isomorphic,

      using the linked sample (now on v11.1p_2017-08-23) I can see the change. I really like the new design better.

      Thank you,