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    com.smartgwt.client.types.* is defined in module 'com.smartgwt.ChartsNoScript

    We just upgraded to the smartgwt (power) version 3.0p nightly build 2012-11-07 and are seeing the following types of errors for

    com.smartgwt.client.types definitions. E.g.;

    Class 'com.smartgwt.client.types.Overflow' is defined in module 'com.smartgwt.ChartsNoScript' which is not inherited in module 'com.dotomi.myPackage'

    The app compiles, deploys, and appears to operate fine so far but our Intellij IDE (11.0.2) warns of these errors throughout our
    codebase now.

    Is this a known issue with recent 3.0p smartgwt power versions? ( They didn't exist in our previous nightly build version ).

    Not a known issue, in fact, that error message appears to be nonsense.

    We'd recommend clearing GWT's unitcache and rerunning the GWT compile. Also, if you happened to have switched versions of GWT at the same time, that might be the actual issue.


      I've seen this too. It is an IntelliJ bug and can be ignored. Sometimes the module inheritance confuses IntelliJ.

      If it bothers you then you could report it on the IntelliJ tracker.


        How to hide these annoying "errors"

        You can hide them or reduce their severity level.
        Right click on the top right corner red square and choose: Customize Highlighting Levels > Configure Inspections > Google Web Toolkit issues > Client class from non inherited GWT module usages