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  • GWT application loads slow in IE11 but fast in chrome


    I have an application which has a huge layouts with lot of components such as text areas, buttons, different type of layouts, etc.

    When i try to load my application in IE11 loading / rendering of the application is very slow (approx 22-25 sec), where as in chrome its completely different it loads in (3-4 secs).

    i am also aware of that IE11 java script rendering engine is very slow.

    So is there any way i can do some optimization in GWT side or something specific to browser.

    please help.

    Thank you in Advance!!

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    Can anyone please help on this.

    Thank you


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      You have not provided any information about your application or your attempts so far to isolate the problem, so no one can help you yet.

      see the Debugging overview for general tips on how to debug and isolate problems.


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        Thank you for the reply

        i tried to optimize the application by compiling or allowing the application to load only in specific browsers, so that it will not check for compatibility for other browsers (did gave me a little performance improvement)
        and the problem lies with IE it self so not sure what else i can do to optimize it.

        What kind of information is required about my application.
        i am using enterprise skin, with lots of UI components, as GWT converts everything into javascript and IE renders it very slow

        There is no problem with GWT/SmartGWT

        Is there any way i can optimize the load time of my application