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    10.1p/11.1p: ListGrid can't save values over 2147483647 / 2^31 - 1

    Hi Isomorphic,

    please see this sample (v10.1p_2017-10-25, but also an issue in 11.1p) and try to change the population value of a country to 2147483648. I get "data exception: numeric value out of range" in the RPC Manager tab.
    2^31 is way below the stringInBrowser-treshold value of 2^53 you mention in the docs.

    Right I'm not sure if this is due to the HSQLDB used (and therefore a sample missing-validator bug) or a framework bug. But values around 2 billion seem perfectly reasonable for population or revenue figures.

    Best regards

    These are indeed exceptions from the database - SmartGWT's client and server code passes the value just fine.

    So users do need to consider the appropriate database column type to use, as they do with any framework, and should add validators to match any data size limitations the DB imposes.

    We do not plan to update this particular sample to demonstrate this technique.