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    Enhancement suggestion for Rapid ListGrid editing when using Date-Fields + Keyboard

    Hi Isomorphic,

    please see this sample (now SNAPSHOT_v12.0d_2017-11-02).
    It would be good if the calendar icon was part of the tab-sequence, although I think this is already settable via editorProperties.

    More importantly, as soon as the calendar popup opens, the focus should be on either "today" for null-starts or on the saved value in the ListGrid, when there is one present.
    Then, the dates should not be part of the tabbing sequence, but only be selectable via the arrow keys (which already work).
    "Tab" on a date should move focus to "Today" or whatever the 1st button the the lower HLayout is.
    "Enter" on a date should select the date, save it as editValue in the ListGrid and close the calendar, just like a click does.

    This is not important for me, but might be of interest for you.

    Best regards

    Interesting suggestions, but note that generally speaking, entering a date via typing it in is far quicker than using the calendar popup.

    So it's an intentional design choice that the calendar icon is not part of the default tab order, and making the calendar more keyboard navigable, while a valid enhancement, is superfluous both from the perspective of rapid editing and accessibility.