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  • GWT JavascriptObject ClassCastException in GWT-2.6.1

    We are working with the Web application which was developed by using GWT and smart gwt project. Currently we are using
    GWT-2.5.1 and smart gwt-5.0 in our application.Now we wanted to upgrade our smart gwt upgrade to 6.1 from 5.0 but not changed the GWT.

    We got the compilation error with smart-gwt-6.1 with GWT-2.5.0. So we also migrated GWT to 2.6.1. Now we are able to compile our application successfuly.

    We have got the runtime exception like below.

    public void transformResponse(Object data) { // data contains json string
    JavaScriptObject jsObj = (JavascriptObject) data.// This line causes the below excepton

    ClassCastExcetion: java.lang.Strig can not cast to Object.

    This code was working with the earlier versions of smart-gwt and GWT. but now it is throwing this exception.

    Firstly I was not be able to find any documentation about compatability of smart-gwt and gwt.

    Could any body tell me how to solve the above issue and how to handle this upgrade of smart gwt.

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    Please see the FAQ for the information you need to include when asking for help with a JavaScript error.

    In addition to this, we obviously need some basics for this particular case, like what kind of DataSource this is and the DataSource definition.


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      As we mention in the SuperDevMode help topic, GWT 2.6.x is the minimum supported GWT version for SGWT 6.1p.