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  • DSResponse.getData() retrieving empty records in Edge browser

    Using Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0

    it seems like DSResponse.getData() is just retrieving empty records - dsResponse.getHttpResponseText() is showing the proper Atomfeed.

    The records are properly retrieved in every browser but Edge - so are there any known issues according to this?

    smartGwt 6.1
    gwt 2.8.1

    Kind regards
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    No, there are no known issues in the area. Please see the FAQ for the information you need to provide if you think this might be a framework issue.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      I think this won't be a framework issue investigating.

      Edge browser seems to have its own way to handle xpath queries which resulted in empty records.

      If someone is facing similar issues this might help:


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        So to clarify, you were directly using XPath under Edge - not using a framework feature such as recordXPath? For the latter, we would want to ensure that it works the same on Edge, but we're unaware of any issues, so we'd want to know what XPath failed for you.