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    Error message in Tomcat logs after removing log4j.

    The goodest of evenings to you all,

    I just took another crack at removing log4j-jars from my web app, since you have stuff in your release notes that you've made changes to make this possible. So, now the only reference to log4j in the VM is the log4g-over-slf4j jar.

    I have gotten *almost* complete success, insofar as now the application actually deploys, i can use the app, and the isomorphic logs end up in my logback-driven log files! wheee!

    However, there is one minor thing. When i start up tomcat, i get this in the logs:

    ISC: ERROR: Unable to configure log4j - logging may not be available.
    java.lang.VerifyError: (class: com/isomorphic/log/Log4jLogger, method: initRepository signature: (ZLcom/isomorphic/log/Level;)V) Incompatible argument to function
        at com.isomorphic.log.Logger.<clinit>(
    I am running 6.0 right now. Is this as intended, or have you perhaps changed this in 6.1 (which i intend to upgrade to asap)?

    It seems a tad bit dramatic, since log4j is supposed to be optional (?). As i mentioned, everything seems to work fine in practice.

    Thankful for input.