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    ListGrid editValues broken when using freezed columns

    Hi Guys,

    since 6.1p-2017-08-29 (reproducible also with 2017-12-12) we suffer from issues with edit values in list grid after validation failure. We use setEditByCell(true) and setCanFreezeFields(true).

    The issue can be trivially reproduced in showcase here

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Change order of columns so first is Country and Population is second column
    2) Freeze the first column (Country)
    3) Click on "Edit New"
    4) Do not fill any value anywhere and click on the row above, since Country is required validation will fail and exclamation mark in red circle will be shown
    5) Click back in country, fill there any value
    6) Click into Population column, fill there any valid number value
    7) Click anywhere else

    Now, you can see that the number in Population column dissappeared for a while and then reapeared again. It is (probably) because sgwt puts there previous value (empty) as edit value and then when all data for a row is added the correct value appears in the end.

    Now, try to edit the number in Population field, when the value gets saved, also again, previous value will pop up for a while (the same issue imho).

    We would be very thankful if anyone would have some time to check this.

    Thank you,

    P.S.: the issue happens for us only on two subsequent columns after the last freezed column (We do have selection by checkboxes enabled). The others does not seem to be affected.

    Any update on this one guys? Thank you!


      Hi Tomas, Boruvek
      We are not reproducing this issue, using the referenced sample and your steps.

      This could be a browser-specific problem, or we could be missing something.
      Could you let us know what environment you're seeing this on (what browser and operating system)?

      Isomorphic Software


        Hi all,

        I tried to reproduce in the showcase sample with current Chromium 63.0.3239.132 / Win 10 and it is working for me as expected as well.

        Best regards