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  • Cube Grids Screens issue – Rows misalignment

    Hi Team,

    I am facing issue with cube grid rows misalignment. When I scroll down to last record as attached snapshot rows are missed and there is a huge misalignment of rows.

    FYI .. I have used resolution as 1912*984 and Chrome browser Zoom to 100%. However this issue was occurring worst when zoom to 125% or 150%.

    Can you please provide solution and fix details for this. Happy to share more information if needed. Thank you.

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    See Browser Zoom in the docs to understand the limited support that is possible for zoomed browsers.

    As far as this happening without zoom, this isn't reproducible in samples even if you configure the sample to maximize the number of rows ("Scenarios" as only column facet). You may have external CSS that is creating the issue. Let us know if you can make it reproducible.

    You also forgot to include your version information, which is always required - please make a note of this. And, you should test against the latest patched build before posting, to ensure you are not looking at an already-fixed issue.


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      Hi Team,

      Thanks for the response.

      We were using version of 6.1p20170630. I am able to reproduce the issue using your samples. Below are few steps which I have followed.

      2. Browser : Google Chrome (No Zoom in Chrome (100%))
      3. Operating System : Win 10
      4. Display : 125%. (check for attached snapshot for win resolution)
      5. Attached snapshot is for “Advanced Cube Grid”. Even bug is reproduced in “Basic Cube Grid” as well.

      Can you please provide solution for this. Please let us know if you need any more details. Thank you.

      Thank you.
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        Hi dastagiri89,

        here two pretty old threads about system zoom, which suggest that system zoom might result in visual glitches: 1, 2. I do not know what Isomorphic's position on system zoom is, because here they say they can't detect it, but that it can introduce browser bugs.

        Best regards


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          Thank you Blama for your reply.

          Isomorphic : “The cube grids rows misalignment cannot be reproduced with a 1912*984 resolution– 150% display, nor a 1912*984 resolution– 100% display (but with this display, it is impossible to work as it is too small). This issue is mainly visible with a 1912*984 resolution– 125% display.
          And this configuration is used by many users, so it is really blocking.
          Thanks in advance for your feedback.
          Best regards.”
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