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  • ListGrid.refreshData () does not send the isPaged information correctly.

    We have a ListGrid that uses a CustomDatasource. The ListGrid has set the dataFetchMode=local. When the ListGrid.refreshData () method is called, we receive the DSRequest in our DataSource.executeFetch() method. But, DSRequest.isPaged() is always true. According to the documentation of the FetchMode, I would still have to get isPaged()=false if I set dataFetchMode=local.

    When I use ListGrid.fetchData () I get the isPaged() with the expected behavior. Did I misunderstand something?

    We use SmartGWT (v11.0p_2017-12-13/PowerEdition Deployment (built 2017-12-13)) and the Chrome 64.0.3282.140.

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    From a quick test, when refreshData() is called on a grid with dataFetchMode:"local", no paging parameters are sent (startRow/endRow).

    Bear in mind, you are both out of date on patches and you appear to be doing new development while not using the latest version (11.0 instead of 11.1). Please correct this before posting any further issues.