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  • Can't work out how to design cascading menus in VisualBuilder

    v11.1p_2018-01-16/EVAL Development Only


    I am just trying to design my first application which I want to have a menu bar (File, View, etc. with sub menu items) and then some search/selection fields and then a list of data as a table.

    I just can't seem to work out how to create the menu bar in the VisualDesigner. I have tried the ToolStrip and I think I can make the top level menus, but then nothing inside them. I'm not convinced that is the right widget. I have looked at one of the showcase examples and that seems to use a Tree. I can't see that though in the Component Library (top right of the VB). Any clues?

    Thanks Mark.

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    Hi Mark, although it's possible to get further than you have with Visual Builder, ultimately you are not using the right tool: this is a tool for designers, not developers. Take a look at this FAQ for more context.


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      Thanks for that. Although I am a developer I am evaluating SmartGWT for use by other staff who will be doing the designing. I want to have a single screen definition that will be used by the program, but which also can be worked on by the designer.

      I would certainly like to know how I can get further as I have been trying for quite a few hours without much success. I suspect this is partly because I have been using GWT for a few years and my thinking is orientated towards that in terms of layouts and components. I suspect you are saying that the VB does not allow me to design all the menus and that I will have to do some XML editing myself. I would just like that assertion either confirmed or corrected so I don't waste time trying to achieve the impossible.

      Thanks very much, Mark.


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        You create a cascading Menu by dragging a Menu onto a MenuItem (the dragged menu becomes menuItem.submenu).

        However, there are definitely things a developer can do from XML that can't be done within Visual Builder yet - mostly things a designer would not do.

        What concrete scenarios of altering a screen's design did you have in mind for designer / developer collaboration via Visual Builder?

        Note that we have a second tool, Reify, that provides a different workflow for developer / designer collaboration. This is more appropriate for less technical designers, who might be overwhelmed in Visual Builder.