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  • Saving a new database definition

    I am using Visual Builder to design my initial screen and create some data sources. I need to access an iSeries database so I have created a new database definition and then saved my project. This all works fine and the new database definition passes the test. However, when I exit the VB and Eclipse, then go back in again, my database definition has half gone and consequently it doesn't work anymore. The name is still in the database definition GUI but the details have gone.

    1) What has happened to it and how do I keep it?
    2) I can't seem to access the database definitions unless I go to add an existing SQL data source. How can I access the database definitions directly?

    Thanks very much.

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    Okay, now I have been using the Admin Console and can get to the database definitions directly. I can also use the 'Download server properties' button. I am assuming that the database definitions are stored there. A couple more questions:

    1) How can I delete a database definition. There only seems to be options to add and refresh.
    2) When I download the file it does indeed have settings for my new database definition, but many values are repeated a lot and some are missing such as the URL. Please see attached files. Perhaps I am just doing the wrong thing.

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      The Admin Console gives you a graphical interface to edit, which should be placed in your classpath (the QuickStart Guide covers this). There isn't currently a way to delete a configuration, but if this were necessary you can simply edit the file directly - the SQL settings within it are fully documented.

      We've never seen the strange duplicated keys that you report, and from a quick test, we can't get that to happen. Please do let us know if you find a reliable way to reproduce that.


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        Thanks for that. I will try to set the values manually using the downloaded file as a start.

        The line 'sql.CVWTFIL.driver:' is repeated more times every time I press the save button in the Admin console. Every time I press save, and then download the file it has more of those lines in it. After about 4 saves the line appears 25 times.

        I also note that it doesn't save the URL at all.



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          Hello again,

          I now have it working and my config in is like this:

          # -------------- SETTINGS FOR DB2iSeries --------------------
          sql.CVWTFIL.database.type: db2iSeries
          sql.CVWTFIL.driver.user: xxxx
          sql.CVWTFIL.driver.password: yyyy
          sql.CVWTFIL.driver.databaseName: CVWTFIL
          sql.CVWTFIL.interface.type: driverManager
          sql.CVWTFIL.driver.url: jdbc:as400://gbpslasf/cvwtfil
          sql.CVWTFIL.interface.credentialsInURL: false
          sql.CVWTFIL.autoJoinTransactions: true
          sql.CVWTFIL.driver.driverType: 4
          The only thing now is that the Admin console does not show all the fields it did when I set it up, such as user.



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            There was a regression in the AdminConsole persistence code that caused the duplication of properties and failure to persist others that you reported. Thanks for the detailed info, problem is now fixed and the fix will appear in the next patch build (April 15 and later).