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    VB design for a complex popup window - cannot drag and lingers when closed


    I have designed a screen in the VB which contains a Window and a Dynamic form:

    <DataSource loadParents="true">
    <DynamicForm numCols="4" dataSource="cvuser" ID="userDetailsForm">
            <TextItem name="USER" title="User Id"/>
            <TextItem name="NAME" title="User Name"/>
            <TextItem name="TEXT" title="Description"/>
            <TextItem name="GRUP" title="User Group"/>
            <TextItem name="SECL" title="Security Level"/>
            <TextItem name="SECF" title="Security Flags"/>
            <TextItem name="DSPF" title="Display Flags"/>
            <TextItem name="INTM" title="Initial Menu"/>
            <TextItem name="MSGL" title="Message Level"/>
            <TextItem name="EMAIL" title="E-Mail address"/>
            <TextItem name="myfld" title="another field"/>
    <Window ID="formWindow">
        <autoCenter>true</autoCenter> <!-- no effect -->
        <isModal>true</isModal> <!-- no effect -->
        <showModalMask>true</showModalMask> <!-- no effect -->
        <canDragReposition>true</canDragReposition> <!-- no effect -->
            <Canvas ref="userDetailsForm"/>
    <DataView ID="DataView1" height="100%" width="100%">
            <Canvas ref="formWindow"/>
    It is loaded with RPCManager from a context menu click for a ListGrid (of users). It works in as much as it shows the Window in the top left of my browser on top of the ListGrid allowing edit of the details of a particular user. However, I can't drag it anywhere, dragging moves the frame outline but when I let go, nothing happens. When I press the close button the Window disappears but I can see that it is still in the html by looking at the browser inspector. I have removed and experimented a lot with the settings. I can make it modal by making the DataView 100% width/height. But then I can't access the page below when I close it. I think this is because the DataView is still there really. Perhaps this is a limitation of having DataView in there. Is there a way round that when designing using the VB? Perhaps there is a better way with the VB, or maybe it will not work with the VB?

    Thanks very much.

    A modal component can't be a child of something else; modal means taking over the screen. So yes, you want to eliminate the DataView here.


      Isn't it true that DataView is mandatory for the VB?


        I removed the DataView manually from the ds.xml and now it works. Thank very much.